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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Homosexuality May Be A Genetic DISEASE

If Gay Brother Research is Correct It Shows Homosexuality is Abnormal
By John-Henry Westen

The mainstream media resurrected the specter of the 'gay gene' theory this week in covering a Canadian study on the origin of homosexuality. "Homosexuality influenced by biological factors, Canadian researcher says," proclaimed the CBC, the first to break the story on Monday. CNN was quick to jump on the bandwagon with "Study: Sexual orientation of men determined before birth."

In reality, however, the study was most intriguing for what the mainstream media failed to cover. Namely that, if true, the study suggests that homosexuality is a congenital abnormality, and shares its origins with other disorders developed in the womb....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Personally, I've always believed homosexuality was a lot like alcoholism. It's a "disease" some people are just more prone to than others. People who suffer from it deserve our sympathy, but not our approval. You don't buy a drink for an alcoholic, and likewise you don't condone homosexual relationships with things like gay-marriage.