Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Feelings About World War III

As an American I'm concerned about us getting deeper into the conflict. I don't want to see it happen, and I don't know anybody who does. However, if we should end up having to, I'll support my country, my President and our armed forces entirely. In a World War, there is no room for partisan politics. Those who put politics above country are no better than traitors.

As a Catholic, I'm opposed to war entirely, and I pray for peace. However, I must also face the sobering reality that World War III has begun and that it is no sin to support my country and her allies in this historic conflict. I recognize that it is the Church's job to oppose war in almost every circumstance, and I should never expect the pope, or any other members of the clergy, to make statements that are supportive of one nation over another. It is not the Vatican's job to take sides. It is the Vatican's job to promote peace.

As an American living in the post 9/11 world, I can have nothing but sympathy for Israelis after they've endured the hell of Islamofacist terrorism for the last three decades. It seems that people are quick to condemn Israel for its actions, but I say Israel has just as much a right to defend itself in Lebanon as the USA did in Afghanistan. Basically they're doing the exact same thing we did. I see no difference at all. Hezbollah attacked Israel just as Al Qaida attacked America on 9/11. Israel has publicly stated that their military actions in Lebanon are not directed toward Lebanon, but rather Hezbollah.

As a Christian in the western world, I am ashamed that we (as western Christians) did not do more to support our Christian brethren in Lebanon. This country used to be a Christian nation less than a half-century ago. Now Christians are a minority and the country itself is locked in the death grip of an Islamofacist terrorist organization called Hezbollah. When the dust settles in Lebanon, I pray that Christians in the west will feverishly work to restore a strong Christian majority in Lebanon.

As an educated observer of this conflict, I understand that Syria is nothing more than Iran's puppet state, and is supporting Hezbollah in it's war against Israel. It is a major promoter of Islamofacism, and a rogue nation that is a danger to its neighbors in the middle east.

As an informed citizen, I understand the root cause of Islamofacism in the middle east. Iran is the enemy. It is the equivalent of Nazi Germany in World War II. I see no difference at all. Iran is the sponsor of Hezbollah. In fact, Hezbollah is nothing more than a proxy for Iranian influence in the wider middle east.