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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Sodom Invades Jerusalem

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is an issue that should be of major concern to all of us. Though it may look like just another queer rally, this one has political overtones that could threaten the stability of the world. Here is why. Suppose this rally goes on as scheduled -- even with the condemnation of Pope Benedict XVI. I expect much of it will play out without a hitch. During that time, many photographs will be taken of the rally, along with video clips, etc. These will certainly find their way into the hands of Islamic extremists, who will use them as evidence supporting their propaganda that Christianity, Judaism, and western civilization is weak and corrupt. They will inevitably use it to suggest that this is one reason why western influences cannot be accepted by Muslims in the middle east. Even moderate Muslims will be shocked by the images they see of "gay pride," and some will undoubtedly become more sympathetic to the extremist cause. In other words, if this parade of perversion goes on in Jerusalem, we're looking at another ten years of propaganda fuel for Muslim extremists in the middle east....

Chief Rabbi of Israel Calls on Pope Benedict to Condemn Gay Pride as Did John Paul II
By John-Henry Westen

JERUSALEM, July 5, 2006 ( - Israel's Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar has formally written Pope Benedict XVI asking for help in stopping homosexual activists from staging a "World Pride" parade in the holy city of Jerusalem. Last year the coordinated efforts of Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious leaders successfully put off the gay pride event with homosexual activists claiming that they cancelled the event only because of the Gaza pull-out which was scheduled a few days prior to the event.

Once again Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious and even political leaders have put aside their differences and have come together to defend the city which they all revere against the weeklong event set to take place August 6-12.

Rabbi Amar's letter to the Pope stated: "We ask your Excellency to issue an emotional, strong, and unequivocal call against this horrible phenomenon, in the hope that the amalgamation of protests being voiced by religious leaders will awaken the lost hearts who are deceiving themselves and immeasurably harming their souls, and discourage the willful wrongdoer from cursing and corrupting humanity."

The Rabbi added, "We were shocked to hear of plans to hold the world Pride Parade in the Holy City . . . The city which the entire world looks up to due to its holiness and glory, is now being attacked by evil people who wish to violate its honor and humiliate its greatness with deeds that the Torah despises, as well as all other religions. There is no need to elaborate about their plans and evil actions that bring human dignity to the ground."

The Vatican has already expressed its concerns along with the Israeli leadership. Monsignor Antonio Franco, the Vatican ambassador to Israel met with Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski informing him of the Vatican's opposition to the event being staged in the holy city and is working with Jewish and Muslim leaders to oppose the event. It is "the few imposing their will on the majority," said Msgr. Franco.

The majority opposition to the "World Pride" was evidenced yesterday as politicians in the Knesset presented a petition of over 100,000 signatures opposing the event. Also presented were the results of a poll demonstrating that 69 percent of Jerusalem residents oppose the event with only 12 percent in support. Twenty-four of the 31 members of the Jerusalem city council have also signed a petition opposing the event.

Homosexual activists targeted Jerusalem for their venue after succeeding in holding World Pride in Rome despite the strenuous objections of the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI may well personally condemn the Jerusalem event as did his predecessor John Paul II when the homosexual activist event descended on Rome....

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