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Saturday, August 5, 2006

America Goes Prophecy Crazy

Prophecy-related products continue to be popular among WorldNetDaily readers, with two books on Israel's involvement in End-Times predictions coming in at No. 2 and 3 on ShopNetDaily's weekly best-seller list – Dave Hunt's "Judgment Day! Islam, Israel and the Nations" and Greg Laurie's "Are We Living in the Last Days?"...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So why is this a problem? Simple. The whole concept of pre-tribulation dispensationalism is based on a faulty understanding of Scripture. As a result, American Christians are getting a tainted view of current events, which causes them to ignore the causes of world problems and gives them a false sense of security. Indeed, even as Catholics we know that Christ could return at any second without warning, but we don't expect to escape the world's problems in the process. The Church teaches us that before Christ returns, the Church will follow our Lord's example in glorious martyrdom. (So much for the secret rapture!) Such a world view causes Catholics to cope with reality, and work toward being the "salt and light" that Jesus called us to be. In contrast, pre-tibulation dispensationalism causes non-Catholic Christians to expect that certian signs in the middle east will fortell the Second Coming of Christ. So when things start to get heated up in the middle east, these Christians often ignore solutions to the problems around them, figuring the secret rapture will take them away from their problems any day now.

Another problem associated with America's prophecy craze is the fact that a good number of and-time prophecy promoters also happen to be strong anti-Catholics, and a good deal of that bias comes through in their books on prophecy. The general rule of thumb these authors often follow is the concept that the Catholic Church is part of the "last days" apostasy from the "true" Christian faith. The notion being that the Catholic Church will either sponsor, or else be co-opted by, the Antichrist. Thus people who are members of the Catholic Church (i.e. "all Catholics") are being led astray to hell by the powers of hell through the Church they belong to -- the Catholic Church. This of course works to bolster Protestantism in general, and Evangelicalism in particular. Make no mistake about it, that is by design.