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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Boston Globe Blames Gibson's Religion

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I pointed this out in the last post with my final comments about the ADL. This whole flap with Gibson isn't so much about him personally, as it is with his movie "Passion" and Christianity in general. Now the Boston Globe has spilled the beans. According to the Boston Globe, the reason Mel Gibson had a drunken anti-Semitic tirade, had more to do with his religion than the amount of alcohol he consumed that night. That's it -- case closed.

This isn't about Mel Gibson, or his drinking problem. This is about Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular. The media frenzy on Gibson's ordeal is designed to destroy his credibility to be sure. But it's also designed to destroy the credibility of Christianity, the Catholic Church, and of course anyone who actually believes and practices what the Catholic Church officially teaches. According to the Globe, if you're a practicing Catholic, than you're automatically under suspicion of being an anti-Semite. But you still might be "okay" if you declare your independence of Church teaching. Once again, another liberal rag (The Boston Globe) has found a new way to make its favorite liberal argument: "the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic."

see Globe article here


"Outside the Church there is no salvation"

846 How are we to understand this affirmation, often repeated by the Church Fathers? 335 Re-formulated positively, it means that all salvation comes from Christ the Head through the Church which is his Body:

Basing itself on Scripture and Tradition, the Council teaches that the Church, a pilgrim now on earth, is necessary for salvation: the one Christ is the mediator and the way of salvation; he is present to us in his body which is the Church. He himself explicitly asserted the necessity of faith and Baptism, and thereby affirmed at the same time the necessity of the Church which men enter through Baptism as through a door. Hence they could not be saved who, knowing that the Catholic Church was founded as necessary by God through Christ, would refuse either to enter it or to remain in it.

847 This affirmation is not aimed at those who, through no fault of their own, do not know Christ and his Church: Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or his Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their actions to do his will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience - those too may achieve eternal salvation.

848 "Although in ways known to himself God can lead those who, through no fault of their own, are ignorant of the Gospel, to that faith without which it is impossible to please him, the Church still has the obligation and also the sacred right to evangelize all men."