Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Germany's Chancellor Pushes for 'Christian' EU Constitution

In remarks which will reopen the debate on religion in the EU, Angela Merkel threw her weight behind Pope Benedict's campaign to recognise Europe's Christian heritage. "We spoke about freedom of religion," she said after talks at the Pope's summer residence near Rome. "We spoke about the role of Europe and I emphasised the need for a constitution and that it should refer to our Christian values."

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The Vatican has just found a strong ally in Germany's new chancellor, Angela Merkel, daughter of a Protestant minister and leader of the strongly Catholic "Christian Democratic Union Party." Germany will take charge of the EU next year, and Chancellor Merkel is expected to revive efforts to pass an EU constitution. Under Merkel, the revised constitution is expected to take on a more "Christian" appearance. If passed, the EU Constitution will actually be a document more friendly to Christianity than the US Constitution. There is no indication yet as to how this will translate into government policy or cultural acceptance. Christianity is virtually dead in Europe, with the exception of just a few localities. The continent faces a real threat from Muslim missionaries hoping to take Europe in the name of Islam by converting European youth. The movement has had shocking success in France, Britain and the Scandinavian countries. Secularism has proved to be a miserable failure in Europe, and yet it still has its diehard supporters.

The Catholic Knight has a prediction. I predict that Chancellor Merkel will have far greater success pushing a new constitution under her vision of an EU built on the Christian principles of 'free will' and 'religious liberty.' Her chief opponents will be France, Great Britain, and covertly the United States of America. You see, a Christian Europe, built on 'free will' and 'religious liberty,' poses a significant threat to the Novus Ordo Seclorum ('New World Order') of the United States government. If the new EU Constitution passes, it will prove that you can have complete religious freedom under a Christian system of government. This undermines secularism entirely, and makes the current understanding of America's "establishment clause" obsolete and irrelevant. Politicians and pundits alike would have to admit that the United States was once a Christian nation, and could be again, without any threat to religious liberty. That will just never do, and the liberals running the USA (both Democrats and Republicans) will never have it. Look for the US government to do everything within its power to undermine Merkel's constitutional push, and in doing so, the USA will posture itself squarely against Germany, the Vatican, and Christianity itself. I would expect this of secular France and liberal Britain, but for the USA, this is truly a tragic event that will shock most Christian Americans.