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Monday, August 28, 2006

Great Britain "Criminalizes" Sign of the Cross

A ROMAN Catholic footballer who blessed himself during a match has been cautioned by police after it was decided his behaviour had been provocative and had led to crowd trouble.

Fans complained after Artur Boruc, the Polish goalkeeper for Glasgow Celtic, crossed himself during a derby with arch-rivals Rangers at Ibrox stadium, Rangers’ home ground, in February...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: You think it can't happen eh? Well it does happen, and it has been happening for a long time. Ever since the times of Queen Elizabeth, Catholics have always gotten a raw deal in the United Kingdom, which is why so many Irish Catholics eventually fled to the USA in the last century. This is just one more example of the type of persecution some British Catholics face every day. Now it's just done under the guise of Political Correctness.