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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Prominent Church Leaders Condemn 'Christian Zionism'

Jerusalem, Aug. 31 ( - Four of Jerusalem's most prominent Christian leaders have issued a public statement condemning Christian Zionism.

In their strongly worded statement, the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant leaders describe Christian Zionism as "a worldview where the Gospel is identified with the ideology of empire, colonialism, and militarism." That outlook, they charge, is "detrimental to a just peace within Palestine and Israel."

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In short, these Christian leaders are right. Please don't misunderstand. I am personally a supporter of Israel, even though I am not a Zionist. I believe Israel has just as much a right to exist as Canada does. Israel is a soveriegn nation, which was built and established under international law. Israelis have just as must of a right to defend their nation as American do for our own nation. In addition to that, Israel is the only western-style nation in the middle east. It has the best track record on religious liberty among all middle eastern nation. Israel has proven to be good stewarts of the religious shrines and churches dotting the lanscape throughout the Holy Land. So there are a whole lot of good reasons why Israel should be favored by Americans, and American foriegn policy.

Having said that, we should not allow this legitimate favoratism to be directed by religious motivation, because in the end, it only clouds our judgment both as a nation, and as a Christian people. Christian Zionism tends to leave Christians with the notion that Israel can do no wrong. It also tends to leave Christians with the idea that Israel is entitled to do whatever it wants. It was Christian Zionists who helped Jewish Zionists build settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, which only added fuel to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. As Christians we should be more focused on what is a fair and equatable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.