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Monday, August 14, 2006

The REAL Vatican II

If you...

  • prefer a more extensive use of Latin in the sacred liturgy,
  • are upset by liturgical experiments or practices such as lay distribution of Holy Communion or Communion in the hand,
  • hold that God wants every human being to be a Catholic,
  • can’t understand why religious wear lay attire,
  • treasure the charism of priestly celibacy,
  • think our seminaries have been derailed,
  • find it difficult to comprehend the lack of support for Catholic schools,
  • accept the teaching authority of the pope and bishops in union with him,
  • accept the Gospel portraits of Jesus as real and historical,
  • prefer to see laity representing Christ in the world rather than in the sanctuary,
  • believe it is your responsibility to evangelize the world for Christ,
...then rejoice, and stake your claim as a true disciple of the Second Vatican Council. And make sure to tell others who hold opposing positions to find another Church council to appeal to for their private projects and agendas...

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