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Monday, August 21, 2006

World War III

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Tomorrow (8/22/2006) marks an important date on Islamic calendars, and God only knows what Islamofacists have in store for the world on that date. As for the greater war on terror, I believe history will one day record this clash of civilizations as a war between two evils -- Western Liberalism vs. Islamic Fascism. The evil of Islamic Fascism is obvious and plain for the naked eye to see. The evil of Western Liberalism is a bit more subtle, but just as insidious. If you’re wondering which side God will favor, the only question that remains is which one is worse.

  • Islamic Fascism kills innocent civilians in the name of jihad. While Western Liberalism kills unborn babies in the name of 'choice,' as well as the sick and elderly in the name of 'mercy.'
  • Islamic Fascism humiliates women under sharia law. While Western Liberalism exploits women through pornography and “adult entertainment.”
  • Islamic Fascism subjugates non-Muslims as second class citizens. While Western Liberalism denigrates non-Liberals as subhuman Neanderthals.
  • Islamic Fascism embraces socialism as the most ideal of economic systems. While Western Liberalism also embraces socialism as the most ideal of economic systems.
  • Islamic Fascists obsess on converting others to their ideology by force if necessary. While Western Liberals impose their ideology on others through legal and judicial force when necessary.
  • Islamic Fascists distort reality with propaganda. While Western Liberals create their own reality through propaganda.

Which is worse? God will decide. Perhaps the best way to win World War III is to make sure it’s not a war between Islamic Fascism and Western Liberalism. If Western civilization can be rescued from Liberalism, and return to its Christian roots, than maybe (just maybe), we can define a clear difference between us and our enemies. Then and only then will we stand a chance at winning this global conflict.