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Monday, October 9, 2006

Catholic Church to Foley - "Name Him!"

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Like a giant filled with rage, the U.S. Catholic Church was awakened from it's 30 year post-Vatican II slumber with a zeal to purge itself of sexual predators. Top on the list of offenders are homosexual priests who defile teenage boys just becoming men. Ex-congressman Foley tried to explain his inexcusable behavior by calling upon sympathy for his past, claiming he was molested by a Catholic priest as a young man. Now his home diocese has demanded he come clean with this accusation. "Name him!" the diocese retorted today. If it's true, let justice be served. If it's not, shame on you Mr. Foley...

Disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley of Florida must name his alleged clerical sex abuser, his home Catholic diocese demands.

In the wake of a similar demand by columnist and top talk show host Michael Reagan - himself the victim of childhood sex abuse - the Roman Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach has called upon Foley to name the clergyman his attorney says abused him...

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