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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Governor Blunt Has Gotta Go!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Based on the Republican Governor's support for human cloning and embryonic stem-cell research (i.e. "Amendment 2"), it basically cancels out anything and everything he's done for the Pro-Life movement -- which isn't much. This governor is a FRAUD! He is not pro-life. He's just playing political football with pro-life voters and the good people of the Show-Me State. As a conservative Catholic voter, I will NOT be supporting Governor Blunt's re-election in 2008.

Gov. Matt Blunt on Wednesday affirmed his support for a proposed state constitutional amendment to protect stem cell research.

The amendment, which will be on the November ballot, is needed to "ensure that we have a research climate that allows for responsible scientific research," Blunt told members of the Missouri Biotechnology Association gathered at a Lake of the Ozarks resort for their annual meeting.

"There is, in my opinion, no limit to what Missourians can do when they're given the freedom to put their genius to work," he said.

The Republican governor also cited a clause in the state constitution "to promote the progress of science and useful arts" as the foundation of federal patent laws that allow scientific discovery to flourish.

The proposed amendment, also known as the Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative, would guarantee that any federally allowed stem cell research and treatments could occur in Missouri, including embryonic stem cell research.

Ballot supporters have raised nearly $29 million toward the amendment's passage, almost single-handedly making it the costliest political campaign in Missouri history.

Nearly all that money has come from 82-year-old Kansas City billionaire James Stowers Jr., founder of American Century Investments and the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, and his wife.

Opponents of embryonic stem cell research say the well-funded campaign is an attempt to buy an amendment to the state constitution while codifying human cloning...

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