Monday, October 2, 2006

Just For The Recod - Foley Was A LIBERAL Republican

Mark Foley, the former Congressman from Florida, resigned in disgrace Friday after ABC News revealed sexually explicit emails and text messages from Foley to teenage boys working as pages. Foley was endorsed by both the 'pro-gay' Log Cabin Republicans and the 'pro-choice' Republican Majority for Choice....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is truly a sad day for the Republican Party as a whole, because the scandal comes at the worst possible time. With just a month to go before the election, and public approval wavering, the last thing the Republicans need right now is a sex-scandal. But isn't this the nature of things in politics today? Is it just politics? Or is it another sign in the endless parade of symptoms signaling the demise of the United States and western civilization? Decadence plagues our people on every level, from our schools to our churches, and with that decadence comes violence and sexual perversion. Democrat or Republican; you'll get the same. As for Foley, I say throw him to the wolves. As for House Speaker Dennis Hastert, I believe a resignation is in order. If he really did sit on this information for a year, as he claims he did, than it's over for him -- as it should be.

UPDATE: 10/3/2006

In all fairness to Speaker Hastert, it would appear that he did not know all of the information surrounding the Foley case, and new revelations seem to indicate that some information may have been deliberately withheld from him, for the express purpose of springing it as an "October Surprise" in the 2006 Congressional election. If this is true, than I retract what I wrote about Speaker Hastert, and I don't think he should resign. If it is not true, and the Speaker is misleading us, than not only should he resign, but criminal charges should be filed against him. At this time, however, it would appear that there is no reason to doubt him on this.