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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Civil Rights Violated at Missouri State University

By John-Henry Westen

SPRINGFIELD, MO, October 31, 2006 ( - Missouri State University student Emily Brooker is a Christian who stood up for her faith despite outrageous retaliation by her professor and other faculty at the university.

One of Brooker's MSU professors, Frank G. Kauffman, assigned to his students a project promoting homosexual foster homes and adoption. The project required the entire class to write and individually sign a letter to the Missouri Legislature in support of homosexual adoption, a letter Brooker refused to sign due to her religious objections.

Brooker faced an "ethics" committee after school officials informed her that she stood accused of a Level 3 grievance for violation of the School of Social Work's "Standards of Essential Functioning in Social Work Education." The Level 3 grievance is the highest level of grievance that an individual can bring against a student. University officials told Brooker she had violated three of the "Standards of Essential Functioning": Diversity, Interpersonal Skills, and Professional Behavior.

Yesterday, attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund filed a complaint in federal district court to defend Brooker's First Amendment rights. The complaint notes the above incidents alleging also that "Kauffman routinely engaged in leftist diatribes denigrating President Bush and the federal government."

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