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Thursday, November 9, 2006

GOP Deserved It!

WASHINGTON (AP) - Conservative Christian leader James Dobson accused the Republican Party of abandoning values voters in the midterm elections — and paying the price by losing control of Congress. "What did they do with their power?" Dobson said in a statement. "Very little that values voters care about."

Finger-pointing abounded in the days after Democrats seized control of Congress after 12 years in the minority. Dobson, chairman of Focus on the Family, issued a statement railing against the Republicans for letting their majorities slip away.

"They consistently ignored the constituency that put them in power until it was late in the game, and then frantically tried to catch up at the last minute," said Dobson, who argued that religious conservatives ensured GOP wins in 2004...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: He may not be Catholic, (nobody's perfect), but that doesn't mean he can't be right about some things. Doctor Dobson nailed it on this one. The day before the election, my wife asked me how I would vote and who I thought would win. I remember telling her that I didn't care who wins -- neither side deserves it. Nevertheless, I would hold my nose and vote mostly Republican in spite of how I felt about things. I did manage to throw a few votes to the Libertarians -- at least the ones that I knew were Pro-Life. And yes, I admit it. I even voted for one Democrat -- mainly because I know the Republican incumbent, and I literally cannot stand him. (I guess it takes a vomit Republican incumbent to drive me to a Democrat, but like I said, nobody's perfect and even I have my weaknesses.) Really, the only thing I cared about in this election was Amendment 2, which sadly passed by a narrow margin, and is sure to leave our state in moral and financial ruin within a decade.

So I woke up on Wednesday morning, brewed some coffee, fed my kids and flipped on the television set. What I saw was pretty much the same thing all of you did. Sure, I was a little shocked, especially when I saw that my own Senator (Jim Talent) got canned. After I let that soak in for a few minutes, my wife came in and asked me what I thought about the Republican meltdown. I told her it was a bit shocking, but frankly they deserved it. Even Jim Talent, who waffled on core values last year and ran a despicable negative campaign this year, deserved to get fired.

That's what this election was really all about folks. It was about firing Republicans, not electing Democrats. (But shhhh! Let's not tell them that yet. Let the Dems gloat for a while. They need it.) Really, we can't say Americans voted for the Democratic vision of America, because the Democrats don't have one! For the last nine months, all we've heard from them is shrill whining about everything from a quagmire in Iraq to how Americans aren't paying enough taxes. They've offered nothing in the way of a plan. They haven't even given us a hint at what they'll do. All they've offered us is the exact same mantra they gave us in 1992 -- "change...change...change...change..." If that's all they have, than I suspect their Congress will give us about the same performance as the last Democratic Congress. Let's see, how long did the Democratic sweep of 1992 last? What followed two years later?

Back to Dr. Dobson; you know, I really like this Evangelical head shrinker. He's got some class and he's really sharp. He hit the nail on the head. The reason why the Republicans lost control of the Congress is because they simply didn't deserve it anymore. They abandoned their base constituents who put them there. They left their core values behind, and instead of driving the conservative agenda forward, they became more concerned about preserving their own power. You know, that's the nature of democracies, and that works well for Democrats. For them, it's all about getting the power and keeping it. To hell with what's best for the country. That doesn't work for Republicans. Why? Because Republican candidates are marketed to a completely difference kind of voter -- the "Values Voter" -- which consists mainly of conservative-practicing Evangelicals and conservative-practicing Catholics. That is the Republican base, whether they like it or not. Republicans are never going to be marketable to liberal Protestants, cafeteria Catholics and other liberal voters. It's never going to work that way. This demographic already has a party that represents its interests -- the Democratic Party. If Republicans think they're going to steal votes away from Democrats in this demographic, they're only kidding themselves.

What swept Republicans into power a decade ago was a return to the core conservative values of middle America. By that I mean lower taxes, smaller government, a balanced budget, with opposition to both abortion and the homosexual agenda. In the late 1990s to early 2000s, Republicans started to turn their back on that, and so middle America "Values Voters" have now turned their back on them, and I say good riddens! Sadly, a few solid conservatives (like Senator Rick Santorum) were casualties of this abandonment, but if he really believes in the stuff he says he does, he'll be back.

The lessons of this election are twofold....

  • First, if you're a candidate who's going to run as a Republican, than for heaven's sake -- ACT LIKE A REPUBLICAN! Do a Google search on Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingridge if you need a clue.
  • Second, if your in the leadership of the Republican Party than you better take a good hard look at this election. Because this is just a foretaste of what will happen in EVERY election for your party, until the end of time, if you don't start taking the "Values Voters" seriously. At least half of all Republicans fit this demographic, and this is what happens when you piss us off. Think about it.