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Friday, November 17, 2006

Liberal Verses Conservative Catholicism

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This fun little video illustrates the frustrating differences between diocese run by conservative bishops verses liberal bishops. As author Michael S. Rose pointed out in his bestselling book "Goodbye Good Men," the priest shortage in the western world is both artificial and contrived. It's not that there aren't enough good men willing to serve as priests, but rather, good men are frequently rejected and turned away from the priesthood by liberal seminaries, wishing to ordain liberal priests exclusively, for the sole purpose of advancing a liberal agenda in the Church. Because liberal candidates to the priesthood are hard to come by, the number of seminarians who actually graduate and get ordained has plummeted. In contrast, however, conservative seminaries in Conservative diocese, run by conservative bishops, frequently graduate four to five times as many seminarians who go on to the priesthood in any given year. To most Catholics, who follow Church events, this is old news. But the video above tends to illustrate this kind of truth, in a fun and humorous way. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.