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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pope Or Politics -- Archbishop of Washington DC Must Choose

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's crunch time for the Archbishop of Washington DC. Will Archbishop Donald Wuerl obey the pope, and the resolution of the USCCB, and deny communion to the Speaker Elect -- Nancy Polosi? Or will the good bishop cave to politics and surrender his office at the alter of the 'political correct' Baal? That is the question of the day. Does the Archbishop of Washington DC have the religious COURAGE to do the right thing? Or will he cave into the expectations of those who (by their actions) despise the Roman Catholic faith? The ball is in his court now, and all the Catholic world is watching. What's it going to be your Eminence? You cannot serve two masters. Will it be the pope or political correctness?

WASHINGTON, December 19, 2006 ( - As Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)—a pro-abortion legislator who claims to be a practicing Catholic—prepares to celebrate her new role as House Speaker-elect, she also plans on airing her purported faith during an upcoming public Mass. On Jan. 3, Rep. Pelosi is scheduled to attend Mass at Trinity College in Washington as an endorsement of her alma mater and her Catholic faith.

In response to the announcement, however, American Life League has implored Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. to intervene in an effort to prevent Pelosi from using the Mass for political gain.

The former Washington Archbishop, Theodore McCarrick, consistently refused to take any disciplinary action—even the most basic of refusing Holy Communion—against Catholic politicians who persistently and publicly espoused views that seriously contradict Catholic teaching. The current Archbishop, Donald Wuerl, who was installed in June of this year, has not yet indicated how he will deal with such renegade Catholic politicians. Pelosi’s attendance at the Trinity College Mass will be a test-case for Wuerl on the issue....

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