Saturday, December 16, 2006

Support The Pope!!!!

The Italian daily Il Foglio publishes today a manifesto (full text here) signed by great Italian intellectuals, including Antonio Socci and Franco Zeffirelli (and also René Girard, of the Académie Française, who published with other French intellectuals a manifesto published today at Le Figaro), in defense of the liberation of the Traditional Roman Mass, the Missa Piana, and remembering the Petition of 1966 and the great British Petition of 1971, of venerable memory. The French have also published their own manifesto supporting Pope Benedict's decision to liberalize use of the Traditional Roman Mass (see French manifesto here).

If you wish to join the thousands who want to lend their support to the Socci Manifesto, write to:

Subject Line: Appello di Antonio Socci

Insert Following Text:
“Esprimiamo il nostro plauso per la decisione di Benedetto XVI di cancellare la proibizione dell’antica messa in latino secondo il messale di san Pio V, grande patrimonio della nostra cultura da salvare e riscoprire”. [English: "We express our praise for the decision of Benedict XVI to cancel the prohibition of the ancient Mass in Latin according to the Missal of Saint Pius V, a great legacy of our culture, which must be saved and rediscovered."]

Sign: Name, Profession (optional), City (optional) and Country of Residence