Monday, December 11, 2006

Western Civilization Sentenced To Death By Birthrate

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I've been ringing this bell for over a year now. Let's put all the pieces of the puzzle together. We have the government endorsement and promotion of homosexuality through 'same-sex marriages.' We have wholesale government protection of infanticide through abortion. Both of these reduce the birthrate in western civilization. Couple these things with the broken families of divorce, and you have a recipe for cultural disaster. Yet as if that weren't bad enough, compound this situation with the advent of a little product of the modern world called 'artificial birth control' and you have the epitaph of western civilization.

I hate to say it but it's the truth -- the cold, hard and sad truth. Baring a dramatic revival of traditional Christian moral values, the world we know as 'western civilization' will completely collapse to Islam in about two generations (60-80 years). Western Europe is much closer -- perhaps one generation (30-40 years). The North American continent is not exempt. Canada will fall to Islam first, then the United States, with Latin America remaining the last bastion of Christian culture. As I've said in previous entries, Secularism alone cannot stand against Islam. Secularism marginalizes and cripples the one force that can withstand the Islamic invasion -- Christianity. In addition to that, Secularism tends to promote smaller families and reduced population growth, whether through artificial birth control, or the blessing of abortion and homosexuality. All of these contribute to the problem. Western Christian families are disappearing, leaving a spiritual vacuum in the culture. Vacuums must be filled, and Muslims are more than willing to do just that. As Secularism pushes aside Christianity, Islam will advance. The end of the Christian Age is finally upon us! Our children will pay the price.

...Rather, Steyn seems to be saying the rise of militant or extremist Islam is partly our fault – the non-Muslim world’s passivity or acquiescence to outrageous acts or intemperate demands.

True, he sees Europe being overwhelmed by Muslims — not because of violence, but because of Europe’s declining birthrate and the high fertility rate of Muslims. That’s a far cry from legions of jihadists sweeping over the continent, intimidating all in its path.

For a stable population — that is, no growth — a country has to have a fertility rate of at least 2.1 live births per woman. Of all developed countries, only the U.S. meets that standard. Canada’s fertility rate is 1.48 while Europe as a whole is even lower at 1.38. Japan’s is 1.32, Russia’s 1.14, and so on throughout Europe. Steyn calls it “the self-extinction of civilization.” In other words, there is no “population bomb” that many saw threatening the world and its resources.

But Muslim countries have a live birth rate ranging from five to seven per woman that already has had a dramatic effect on Europe.

For example, 10% of France’s population is Muslim.

Yet of citizens under the age of 20, 30% are Muslim.

In the cities that ratio rises to 45%. So when the “youth” of Paris and other centres erupt in violence and burn cars, rampage the streets, rape and vandalize, statistically it’s mostly young Muslims.

Huge problem

In Britain and Europe, around 15% of the population is under 15 years old, while in countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, 40% to 50% of the population is under 15. It’s going to be a huge problem for all countries when the grandparents outnumber the grandkids.

Demographically, Steyn feels groups with soaring birthrates will eventually dominate today’s developed world. Without a shot being fired.

With the U.S. about the only country with a viable birthrate that will keep its population from stagnating, the developed world has virtually surrendered to Muslim militancy.

As a people, we may fret that moderate Muslims are reluctant to speak out against Muslim terrorism and intimidation when they occur, for fear of reprisals.

But non-Muslims are even more loath to risk controversy. So how can moderate Muslims be blamed for their silence?

Steyn is more hawkish than many, especially in the media. Generally, most of the media don’t want trouble, or to appear insensitive or intolerant. After 9/11, most media tried to keep things in perspective, and not incite vengeance or reprisals on Muslims.

Fair enough. World leaders made pilgrimages to mosques to set an example...

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