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Friday, December 29, 2006

Why Global Warming is GOOD

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Based on everything I've read so far, it would seem to me that global warming is not only a natural process of earth's temperature cycles, but it actually is a very GOOD thing for human beings all around. Ancient records indicate that the early middle ages saw extremely warm global temperatures. This time period was marked by improvements in agriculture, the advance of civilization and improvement in the overall quality of life across the social-economic spectrum. The later middle ages saw what some scientists call "the little ice age" in which global temperatures dropped, and with it came the advance of glaciers into northern Europe. What accompanied this time was what many people refer to as "the dark ages," when agriculture was impeded by falling temperatures and unfavorable weather conditions. This resulted in the retreat of civilization, massive starvation and the spread of disease. The so-called "little ice age" lasted from the 13th through 18th centuries, with periodic highs and lows, on average much lower in temperature than what we see today. This period ended with the rise of the industrial revolution, though modern science seems to be discovering that global temperature change has more to do with astronomical cycles in solar events, and not necessarily anything humanity has done (or is doing).

The bottom line is this. Global warming is a good thing. Human history indicates an overall increase in the quality of life whenever global temperatures rise, and a decrease whenever they fall. Yet increasingly global politics seems to base environmental policy more and more on outdated pseudo-science, rather than hard scientific evidence. More and more politicians base their positions on the scare tactics of doomsday prophets (like former Vice President Al Gore), than on the empirical evidence of real scientific research. WHY? I suppose we could speculate on this all we want. But I think the most likely answer can be found by looking into the policies these doomsday politicians want to impose on the people. Most of them consist of higher taxes, bigger government, and curtailing economic freedom. Has the new environmental scare become a vehicle for the rebirth of global socialism? I leave that for my readers to decide.

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