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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Islam and Islamist

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Have you noticed it? The mainstream media is finally (after six years) starting to identify the real enemy. Rather than referring to them simply as mere terrorists and extremists (both nonspecific terms), it would appear they've been taking a hint from conservative radio talk shows, and putting an "Islam" identifier in their news stories. Although the term 'Islamofacism' appears to be too harsh for media elitists to utter, they have made a subtle distinction between 'Islam' (the supposedly "peaceful" religion) and 'Islamist' (the warlike ideology of promoting Islam at all costs). Those who embrace this ideology are called 'Islamists,' as opposed to mere 'Muslims' who are simply peaceful practitioners of Islam. All together, the subtle distinction is discrete but nevertheless effective. I'm just glad the mainstream media is finally identifying who we're at war with. Nice of them to finally get on board -- too bad it took half a decade.