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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Generation Seeks Traditional Christianity

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Reverend Schuller is not necessarily my idea of a good news source for Christian trends, but even I have to give credit where credit is due. On this one, Schuller hits the nail on the head...
Three generations of prominent church leader Robert H. Schuller kicked off a new conference Monday, looking at the future of faith.

The Faith Forward conference at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif., and at satellite sites across the country is particularly focused on the challenges meeting the Christian faith and bridging the younger generation to the older.

"One of the attempts of Faith Forward is to build bridges between three very different kinds of Christian traditions," Robert V. "Bobby" Schuller, told the Orange County Register.

"There has been a misnomer that the younger generation is looking for what is hip and trendy and all of this stuff when it comes to spirituality."

The cohort of young adults today have grown up on cell phones, the internet and in a materialistic world where their top goals are fame and fortune, a recent Pew survey found. And more youth ministers are trying to draw more teens to the church with a message wrapped in pop culture.

Schuller says young people are looking for something "beyond the show." Vintage is the newest trend.

"They are looking for a deep and real intimate relationship and what I found is that people desire something more vintage, not something in style. Vintage is something that is older but really valuable."

In fact, they're looking for something that is even older than the older generation, Schuller says, such as going to old cathedrals for lay worshipping...

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