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Friday, January 12, 2007

Pope Condemns Gay-Marriage Again

By John Jalsevac

ROME, Italy, January 11, 2007 ( – Earlier today Pope Benedict XVI met with Piero Marrazzo, president of the Region of Lazio, Italy; Walter Veltroni, mayor of the City of Rome; and Enrico Gasbarra, president of the Province of Rome, for the purpose of exchanging the traditional New Years greetings.

During the meeting Benedict addressed the topic of the family, saying that the "intrinsic value and authentic motivations" of marriage and the family, "need today to be better understood. To this end, the Church's pastoral commitment is great and must grow further.”

Along the same line the pope told his visitors that it is necessary that policies are developed that encourage healthy families and marriages.

"However," the pope added, "projects that aim to attribute to other forms of union inappropriate legal recognition appear dangerous and counterproductive.” Benedict said such unions, and the legal recognition of them, ends up "weakening and destabilizing the legitimate family based on marriage."

The Pope’s remarks were evidently aimed at the current Italian government’s push towards the legal recognition of homosexual unions, and the relationships of heterosexual cohabitating couples...

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