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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bills Restricting Abortion Move Forward

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Probably the best news I've heard this year...
By Gudrun Schultz

UNITED STATES, February 1, 2007 ( - New legislation restricting abortion access is moving forward in four U.S. states, according to reports by Fox News, with supporters tailoring the bills to maximize their likelihood of passage.

A South Dakota bill introduced Wednesday in the House of Representatives would ban all abortions with the exception of rape and incest, a concession to the public demand for what is often called a “compassionate” exception--despite actual figures of abortion after rape being less than one percent of all US abortions, according to statistics released by the Guttmacher Institute last year.

A South Dakota measure banning all abortions failed to pass voter approval last year after a pro-abortion campaign concentrated on the bill’s exclusion of exceptions in cases of rape.

The current bill would require women to report a rape to police within 50 days. Doctors would have to verify the report with police before performing the abortion, and the rape claim would have to be further confirmed by DNA testing of blood from the baby after abortion. Similar restrictions would apply in cases of incest. In both cases, abortions would only be permitted up until 17 weeks gestation. Abortions would also be allowed in situations where the woman’s life or health were in serious danger.

The restrictions are designed to prevent bogus claims of rape as a means to procure an illegal abortion...

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