Monday, March 26, 2007

DONE! US Episcopal Church Breaks From Anglican Communion

TEXAS, March 23, 2007 ( - The US bishops of the Episcopal Church have rejected the ultimatum handed down by primates of the worldwide Anglican Communion to cease promoting homosexuality by September 30 or face expulsion.

In an announcement late Tuesday night, the US bishops said they would not follow the primates' requirement that they permit traditionalist congregations to operate under conservative bishops, an attempted compromise set up during the recent meetings in Tanzania to deal with the growing rift over homosexuality in the US church.

Accusing the primates of trying to drag the US Church back into "a time of colonialism," the bishops also rejected the demand that they cease performing same-sex blessings or consecrating homosexual bishops...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's as good as done. The US Episcopal Church has broken from the Anglican Communion. All that remains now are the formalities. It has become clear, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the promotion of homosexuality has become the number one, most important thing, to the US Episcopal Church. The bishops have decided that it's more important than their heritage and identity. It's more important than Scripture or reason. It's more important than Canterbury, and it's more important than charity with their sister Anglican churches around the world. It's even more important than being Anglican. So be it. So goes the legacy of Liberalism. Everything it touches, it destroys. The US Episcopal Church is no more. All that remains are the formalities of legal schism and division of property.