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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now Liberal Media Goes Anti-Mormon

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It seems to me the new mainstream Liberal media has an ax to grind against anyone of any conservative religious tradition -- except maybe radical Islam. For the last seven years, the Catholic Church has been the whipping boy of so many media pundits it's almost too many to count. Evangelical Christians also get the distinguished designation of media punching bag. But in what shouldn't surprise us, the Mormons are in no way neglected. This recent piece (of I'm not sure what) was posted in the March 13 edition of 'The Nation,' and was carried on most of the major Internet news wires. (read here) It's an unsigned editorial bashing the Bush administration (no surprise there) over the firing of Kyle Sampson, chief of staff to the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The rant reads like most mainstream media hatchet jobs, including this line...

Hence it fell to Kyle Sampson to get rid of the federal prosecutors without bothering the boss. Kyle was the right person to do it. He's a Mormon, a Brigham Young University graduate. You can depend on them.

Now this little screed wouldn't be worth mentioning here if it were directed against Catholics and Evangelicals -- that would just be status quo for the media. But now we have a new group lumped into the mix -- Mormons. Yes dear readers, no church is hands off to the new anti-religion mainstream media. Mormons now find themselves lumped together with Catholics and Evangelicals in the mainstream media's war on decency. You see regardless of the theological details of the religion, Mormonism does officially teach the value of faith, family and virtue. Regardless of their doctrinal interpretations, practicing Mormons do find themselves on the same side as practicing Catholics and Evangelicals in the culture war. Some Catholics and Evangelicals may have issues with Mormonism, but that doesn't change the fact that we march arm-in-arm with them against the forces of hell threatening to take over western civilization. You can tell a lot about someone by who his enemies are. The liberal mainstream media makes virtually no distinction between Catholics, Mormons and Evangelicals. It treats us all equally, and we are their common enemy. As the battle for America's heart and soul heats up around us, Catholics, Mormons and Evangelicals are all finding themselves in the same trench together.