Saturday, March 31, 2007

OFFICIAL: "Hitler's Pope" Was A Lie -- Pius XII Exonerated

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Those of us who had faith knew better. But the mainstream dinosaur media gleefully looked for any opportunity to defame the name of this good man -- dare I say "a saintly man." The Late Pope Pius XII will be canonized someday, and when he is, the fools who slandered him will look all that much more foolish. His name has been cleared by the abundant evidence in his favor. The plays and books that slandered him have proven to be nothing more than communist propaganda, admitted to by former KGB agents. But will we hear a word about this from the mainstream dinosaur media? By that I mean the alphabet networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and PBS). No. We'll not hear even a whisper from them, not a single word. Why? Because to report on it would mean to admit they were previously wrong, and in the memory of Dan Rather, we know that never happens. In addition to that, such news doesn't fit their biased template. Anything that exonerates a saintly pope, or makes the Catholic Church look good, can never be reported on by the dinosaur media's propaganda machine. At least there are a few objective journalists left in the British media, as we see in this article from

By Malcolm Moore in Rome

Pius XII, the wartime pontiff often condemned as "Hitler's Pope", was actually considered an enemy by the Third Reich, according to newly discovered documents.

Several letters and memos unearthed at a depot used by the Stasi, the East-German secret police, show that Nazi spies within the Vatican were concerned at Pius's efforts to help displaced Poles and Jews.

In one, the head of Berlin's police force tells Joachim von Ribbentropp, the Third Reich's foreign minister, that the Catholic Church was providing assistance to Jews "both in terms of people and financially".

A report from a spy at work in the Vatican states: "Our source was told to his face by Father Robert Leibner [one of Pius's secretaries] that the greatest hope of the Church is that the Nazi system would be obliterated by the war."

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So based on the overwhelming evidence we can conclude three things. The first is that the myth of "Hitler's Pope" is a complete lie and an admitted product of communist propaganda. The second is that our mainstream dinosaur media in the United States is biased against Catholicism in the worst possible way. The third and final thing we've learned as that we can now say, without a shadow of a doubt, that anyone who says Pope Pius XII cooperated with the nazis is spreading known communist propaganda.

The next time I hear somebody make such an accusation, I'll be sure to ask them if spreading communist propaganda is a regular habbit for them. I might even ask them if they're card carrying members of the communist party. If they get upset, I'll just ask them what I'm supposed to think when I hear known and established communist propaganda comming out of their mouths. Then I'll tell them about Rabbi David Dalin's book (shown above).