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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Freedom of Religion Threatened in Oregon

Oregon Senate Bill to Impose Gay Agenda on Churches, Schools, Businesses
Evangelical leaders warn it will have the effect of outlawing criticism of homosexual lifestyle.

By Hilary White

SALEM, April 10, 2007 ( – Oregon’s Senate Bill 2, adding “sexual orientation” to the list of specially protected minorities, is being denounced by Christian and others traditionally minded leaders who warn it will allow homosexual activists to impose their moral perspective on the state and on churches.

David Crowe, of Restore America said if the bill passes, “(it) will limit your free speech rights and rights of conscience; require public schools to teach that homosexual/lesbian/bisexual behaviour is 'okay' and 'moral'; impact your rights as a business owner; and put judges in authority on certain church matters.”

The bill proposes to define those active in homosexual activity as a protected civil rights group using the term “sexual orientation.” Although it contains a so-called “church exemption,” evangelical leaders warn that it will have the effect of outlawing criticism of the homosexual lifestyle...

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