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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hating Christianity out of Nostalgia for Paganism

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Once in a while a clear voice can be heard crying in the wilderness. Out of Europe comes that voice in our generation, but it has fallen on deaf ears. Americans would do well to listen...

Vittorio Messori Has Had Enough!

(POSTED April 11, 2007, Where’s the protest?! Where’s the outrage?! We’ve all asked the question a thousand times but with precious little by way of satisfaction, until now. Amidst the chillingly rapid de-Christianization of Europe, an alarum sounded last month in the Italian daily “La Stampa” that rocked the EU. Veteran journalist Vittorio Messori denounced the World Health Organization, Masonic groups, gay rights organizations, and pharmaceutical companies as anti-Catholic “lobbies” which “hate Christianity out of nostalgia for paganism.” Everybody got that? Let’s not be confused as to who the haters are!

Messori’s bombshell concluded with the following observation:

Sometimes I have the impression that the Pope is a general without troops. Today we are witnessing a kind of hidden schism among believers who, without publicly showing it, in private do not obey the moral norms of the Church. They are people who, if you ask them, say they are Catholic, they even go to Mass, but they do not follow the directives on sexual and family ethics. This includes everything from the use of contraceptives to the acceptance of divorce, living together outside marriage, homosexuality and even abortion.

Nothing new here, of course, but for a powerful European pundit to go on the record with it, and in a major newspaper – well, it’s about time. God bless Vittorio Messori!

There is one aspect of the statement, however, that could stand further scrutiny: It may be true that the Pope is a now general without troops, but this was not always so. Pioneer traditionalists can attest to the fact that just the opposite was true, even as late as 1965. The Church had plenty of troops; it was the generals who’d surrendered.

For the past half century, the Church’s high command engaged in what amounted to massive troops withdrawal, as they in effect rescinded the only marching orders that matter. Talk of Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell was systematically replaced by that of Dignity, Tolerance, Universal Salvation and the claim that if Hell exists, probably nobody’s in it. For almost forty years, the generals stood on a battlefield they themselves had surrendered, reassuring growing stacks of corpses that a new springtime had come. No wonder the few remaining troops finally went over the wall! It was sheer madness!

To this day, some generals might vigorously oppose abortion, for example, but no longer is it publicly contended that abortion is a mortal sin which, if left unrepented, carries with it the penalty of automatic excommunication and everlasting damnation. Instead, the rhetoric dissolved into PC platitudes about abortion’s threat to the dignity of the human person. Not exactly the stuff on which crusades are launched. Such surrenders put the crusaders—the troops—out of a job!