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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Holy Week Brings Public Attacks Against Catholics

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Clearly there is a growing hostility toward Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, in our secular western culture. During the most holy week on the Christian calendar, Catholics all over the western world found their faith publicly assaulted...


THE Greens have called for the abolition of Catholic schools in Scotland.

The party, who hope to win at least 10 seats at Holyrood, have included moves for Catholic schools to be integrated into a secular state system in their manifesto.

Green leader Robin Harper claimed that having separate schools "tends to divide communities"...

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Connecticut Lawmakers Attack Catholicism at Gay 'Marriage' Hearing

By John-Henry Westen

Brian BrownHARTFORD, April 4, 2007 ( - On March 26, Brian Brown, Executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, testified before the judiciary committee of the state legislature in regard to House Bill 7395: An Act Concerning Marriage Equality.

Representative Michael Lawlor, a proponent of homosexual 'marriage' repeatedly asserted falsely that Brown, a Catholic, believed homosexual people were intrinsically evil. Lawlor, joined by Senator Edwin Gomes continued this line of attack even after Brown repeatedly insisted that he agreed with the Catholic Church's position that homosexual acts, and not homosexual persons are intrinsically evil....

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Genoa cathedral defaced; gay activists suspected

Genoa, Apr. 3, 2007 ( - Vandals have defaced the cathedral of Genoa, Italy, in an apparent retaliation after Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco spoke out forcefully against same-sex unions.

The words "Bagnasco shame" were spray-painted across the main entrance to the cathedral of St. Lawrence in Genoa. The words appeared shortly after Archbishop Bagnasco, the president of the Italian bishops' conference, issued a statement opposing the legal recognition of civil unions, and saying that the government's failure to enforce moral norms regarding marriage could open the way to all kinds of perverse relationships...

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