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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mitt Romney Profile

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Like it or not, this man is clearly in the lead, for now, for 2008 Republican Presidential contenders. I thought it would benefit my readers to know a little about him...

Mitt Romney - Republican

Religion - Mormon
Married - yes
Children - 5

Qualifications -- former governor of Massachusetts.

* Now firmly pro-life, despite 2002 tolerance for abortion. (Dec 2006)
* Opposes Roe v Wade, but won't tamper with abortion laws. (Dec 2006)
* Anti-abortion views have "evolved & deepened" while governor. (Jul 2005)
* Vetoed emergency contraception for rape victims. (Jul 2005)
* Vetoed stem cell research bill. (May 2005)
* Endorsed legalization of RU-486. (Mar 2002)
* Personally against abortion, but pro-choice as governor. (Mar 2002)
* For safe, legal abortion since relative's death from illegal. (Oct 1994)

* Marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman. (Jan 2007)
* Opposed gay marriage but played fair and upheld law. (Apr 2006)
* Put gay marriage ban into GOP party platform. (Nov 2005)
* Every child deserves a mother and a father. (Sep 2004)
* Supports benefits for gay partners, but not gay marriage. (Sep 2002)
* Sexual orientation should not preclude being a Scout. (Oct 1994)

* Reform sentencing process; appeal too-lenient sentences. (Sep 2002)
* Supports death penalty in heinous murders. (Sep 2002)
* Favored mandatory sentencing and three strikes. (Mar 2002)
* Safe streets will be a campaign theme. (Mar 2002)
* Will bring new businesses to urban areas. (Nov 1994)
* Supports death penalty and "three strikes" sentencing. (Oct 1994)

* Reform underperforming schools or replace with charters. (Sep 2002)
* Supported abolishing the federal Department of Education. (Mar 2002)
* Schools can teach family values, but not religion or prayer. (Aug 1994)
* Supported means-tested vouchers for public & private schools. (Mar 2002)

* Will support assault weapons bill and Brady Bill. (Aug 1994)

* State universal coverage plan is national test case. (Apr 2006)
* Subsidies for health coverage for low-income individuals. (Mar 2002)
* Voluntary purchasing pools. (Mar 2002)

* Address issues so America can remain a superpower. (Dec 2006)
* Faces questions on Mormonism like Kennedy did on Catholicism. (Apr 2006)
* Not seeking re-election as governor; speaking around US. (Apr 2006)
* #8 on Human Events' list of Top Ten RINOs. (Dec 2005)
* Respects Kerry's Vietnam record, but not his Senate record. (Sep 2004)
* Kerry's leadership is 57 varieties; Bush is unwavering. (Sep 2004)
* Experience to lead to prosperity after fiscal mismanagement. (Mar 2002)
* Ran Olympics in spirit of volunteerism. (Mar 2002)
* Dad inspired him to public service. (Mar 2002)
* Aspiring to greatness is its own reward. (Jun 2001)
* Values family, faith, education, sport, & healing. (Jun 2001)

* My pledge: no freeze on tax rollback. (Mar 2002)
* Pledges not to raise taxes. (Nov 1994)

* Withdrawal from Iraq would be a mistake. (Dec 2006)
* Bush gave inadequate rationale for Iraq war. (Nov 2006)

* Vetoed $220K for state-run homelessness projects. (Jul 2005)
* Vetoed studying how MA can overcome federal workfare rules. (Jul 2005)
* Would require welfare recipients to work. (Nov 1994)