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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

America Is Converting To Islam

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So you thought it could never happen here? Well, it is happening, and at an alarming rate. Watch these videos, and I'll explain why it's happening below...

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Okay, so you think this is an anomaly - a strange fluke of nature that is small and isolated - not a real threat to America or Americans. Think again! This is big - very BIG! Conservative estimates put American conversions to Islam at about 20,000 per year, and that rate is growing every year. It's doubled in just the last decade. What will it be in another decade? 40,000 per year, 50,000 per year, or higher? Would it surprise you that 'The Catholic Knight' has been warning his friends and neighbors about this as early as 1998? That's right. I've been warning my fellow Christians since the end of the last century (three years before 9/11) that Islam threatens to play a huge role in America's future, as our children and grandchildren will be under intense social pressure to convert to this religion. What we are seeing now are the early preliminary stages of this coming to pass.

In the late 1990s, Iran sponsored a group of 10,000 Muslim missionaries to make their way into the United States for the sole purpose of converting Americans to Islam. Most of those missionaries are here now, and they've been working for some time. Their goal is to eventually make North America a Muslim continent, and they are working intensely in the United States. (Mexico was also targeted for Islamic missionary work, and that country is seeing a rise in Muslim conversions as well.) The goal of these missionaries is not immediate. The Muslim world has not succumbed to the western notion of instant gratification. They plan in terms of decades not years. Like we're now starting to see in western Europe, Islamic converts will eventually reach a "critical mass," in which their numbers will swell exponentially, beyond what any of us dreamed possible. Within a generation or two, our children and grandchildren will be under unbelievable social pressure to convert to Islam -- much more than you or I can possibly imagine today.

So you ask, why or how, could this happen? 'The Catholic Knight' does have the answer, and he's been preaching it for nearly a decade now. The answer is SECULARISM! The western world, (which includes Europe and North America) has bought into the idea of a secular culture -- one in which religion (namely Christianity) is pushed into the four walls of church buildings, and the rest of society operates virtually free of all religious influence. But what secularists don't understand is the simple law that "Nature Abhors A Vacuum." As in the physical world, so it is also true in cultures and societies. All vacuums must be filled. Secularism seeks to create a religious vacuum in our civilization, and in doing so (pushing out the old religion), it invites it to be filled again (by a new religion). What's worse is that Christians, by in large, have actually (and perhaps unwittingly) cooperated with this secularization process.

While governments pushed our religious symbols out of the public view, church leaders essentially retreated by permissively allowing the secularization of themselves and their congregations. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Catholic Church! For years Catholic leaders, and their congregations, turned away from the centuries-old customs that stood as a bulwark against the tide of Islam.

We might expect to see this sort of thing in liberal Protestant churches, but sadly, the same is true in many of America's Catholic Churches. Take a close look at the culture of 1950s Catholicism and compare it with today's Catholic culture. Do you see any differences? If I have to point them out to you, then you really don't know much about Catholicism at all. I think we can define these differences in one word -- vacuum! Today's Catholicism is very much like a vacuum compared to the Catholic culture of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. As I said, nature abhors a vacuum, and a vacuum currently exists in Catholic churches all across America today. Some have tried to fill this vacuum with strange and bizarre innovations to the liturgy and private devotions. Many of these innovations (such as liturgical dance and prayer labyrinths) are anything but Catholic, but rather the modern inventions of New Age occultists.

In addition to all of this, there exists another problem that's been around for a long time. We have the division of Christian denominations and sects. After some time of reflection, I've come to the conclusion that this is mainly a Protestant problem, with over 90% of it existing in their camp entirely. There is only one Roman Catholic Church. Then there are small groups of "catholic" style Christians who exist in other denominations. But the overwhelming vast majority of sectarianism is a Protestant thing, with literally thousands of denominations and affiliations, each claiming to have its own unique interpretation of what the Bible says, and what it means.

These two problems combined together; the secularization of our culture, and Protestant sectarianism, have over the years created a society ripe for Islamic missionary work. The young people of today, and many more of the future, look to Christianity as an impotent and divided religion -- unable to help itself, let alone help those struggling to find their way in the modern world. The trend of Americans (along with Mexicans and Canadians) converting to Islam will continue at an alarming rate, until Christians (particularly Catholic Christians) do something to stop it.

The only group of Christians most poised to stop the coming massive exodus to Islam is the US Catholic Church, and sadly both the leadership and the laity of the Church are ill prepared for this task. The reason why the US Catholic Church is most suitable is because even though Catholics are a minority in the USA, the US Catholic Church is by far the nation's largest unified denomination. The majority of other Christians in the USA are divided among hundreds (if not thousands) of denominations and affiliations unable to find unity with each other. Because of this, they have much more work ahead of them than we (Catholics) do.

The recipe for stopping this Islamic catastrophe is simple and any Catholic can do it. In fact, even a Protestant can do it (or something very similar to this) without having to compromise his Protestant beliefs.

  1. Teach your children that all things Catholic flow from our personal and communal relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus is the center of everything Catholic, and if Jesus isn't the center of something -- it's not Catholic. (This will help children understand the Christ-centered nature of things like the mass and the rosary, as well as help to debunk some of the New Age innovations now entering the Church.)
  2. Look back to the culture and traditions of our Catholic ancestors, and imitate them. Teach your children to imitate them as well. You'll find that many of these so-called "old fashioned" rituals are actually the product of many centuries of wisdom and intelligence. They are deeply spiritual, and Christ-centered, in ways we may not have realized before.
  3. Tell others about how Christ-centered your Catholic faith is, and how Jesus is the center of everything Catholic. Tell this to your friends and extended Catholic family. Tell this to your Protestant friends too. Don't be afraid to tell anybody.
  4. Finally, reject the current culture of decadence and sin. You know what's right and wrong. I don't need to tell you. So if there's something in our culture that is tempting you (or your family) to sin, then reject it! Turn that television off for a while. Control what your kids are watching by keeping it limited to DVDs and Videos you know are content safe. Spend some family time around the radio, listening to good family programming, instead of watching the television. Better yet, PRAY TOGETHER, instead of relying on entertainment all of the time. Help your kids through one decade of the rosary every day. Read Bible stories to them (use children's' Bibles if you have to). Keep a short and easy form of the Catechism in your home, and refer to it with your family every day.
Now you may be asking how this is going to stop Islamic missionary work in the United States. The answer is that it won't. Muslims will continue to convert Americans with alarming success regardless, because our culture has already gone so far down into the secular vacuum. However, it will slow their progress, and may ultimately frustrate their efforts in the end, especially if everyone starts doing this. Why? The number one reason why Americans convert to Islam is because they say the religion makes them "feel closer to God." If we Catholics, and other Christians, make sure our religion is helping our kids not only "feel closer to God," but actually "be closer to God," than they'll be much less susceptible to Muslim missionaries, and much less likely to convert to Islam.

"The Catholic Knight" has a saying he uses quite frequently in just about every aspect of his life. It goes like this. "When all else fails -- Go with what you know." We Catholic Americans need to get back to this. By in large, we've abandoned the historic cultural traditions of Catholicism, leaving behind what has worked well for Catholics in centuries past. Maybe our Catholic grandmothers weren't so "fuddy duddy" after all. Maybe, just maybe, they were on to something.