Friday, May 25, 2007

California Democrats Vote to Teach Homosexuality in Public Schools

A controversial bill that bans bias against homosexuals, transgenders, and bisexuals in public schools was passed on Thursday by the California Senate, unleashing a wave of concern through those opposed to normalizing homosexuality.

SB 777 went through by a 23-13 vote, and would prohibit all classes, textbooks, and teachers from any instruction that "reflects or promotes bias against" those perceived with gender issues. All instructional materials and school activities would then have to positively portray all of these sexually alternative lifestyles, something many refuse to support.

Children starting from kindergarten would learn about the practices, as a result, and would be forced to accept them as socially acceptable, pro-family conservatives argue....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It certainly is nice to know where California Democrats stand on this issue. I wonder how most Californians feel about the the state Democrats wanting to brainwash their children against their religion and values?