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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

High Demand For Tridentine Mass Reported

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In spite of USA Today's recent report that there is virtually no interest in the Classical Latin (Tridentine) Mass, Shawn Tribe over at the 'New Liturgical Movement' reports an entirely different story...
(NLM): Some problems are good problems. I saw a statement by Fr. Calvin Goodwin of the FSSP who is coordinating training in the classical Roman liturgy with Una Voce, who spoke back in March about the popularity of that initiative:

"It appears that we may have slightly underestimated the degree of interest that there would be in this project of training priests in the traditional Mass... Enquiries and reservations have been coming our way fast and furious, to the degree that something like half the places available (for our crash course class in June) have been claimed - just in the last three days. They're coming from all over: Denver, Arlington, NYC, Tennessee, New Jersey, etc." (March 2007)

I asked Father for an update on that initiative:

"The programme was almost sold out within days of the initial announcements and we have a waiting list for another week sometime later this year..."

Encouraging and beautiful news, particularly when you consider there hasn't been a major media push about this.

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