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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Now Democrats Attack The Catholic Church!

Washington, May. 15, 2007 ( - Eighteen Democratic members of the US House of Representatives have joined in criticizing Pope Benedict XVI for his statement that pro-abortion politicians should not receive Communion.

During a conversation with reporters on May 9, as he was flying to Brazil, the Holy Father had said that he fully supported the decision of some Mexican bishops to bar politicians from receiving the Eucharist after the lawmakers voted to legalize abortion in Mexico City. The Mexican bishops, the Pope said, had "simply announced to the public what is stipulated by the law of the Church."

But the Democratic legislators, led by Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, charged that the Pope's stand (and by implication the laws of the Church) "offend the very nature of the American experiment...

....The May 14 statement was signed by the following Democratic Congressmen:

* Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut
* Joe Baca of California
* Joe Courtney of Connecticut
* Anna Eshoo of California
* Maurice Hinchey of New York
* Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island
* James Langevin of Rhode Island
* John Larson of Connecticut
* Carolyn McCarthy of New York
* Betty McCollum of Montana
* Jim Moran of Virginia
* Bill Pascrell of New Jersey
* Tim Ryan of Ohio
* Linda Sanchez of California
* José Serrano of New York
* Hilda Solis of California
* Mike Thompson of California

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I've got a news flash for these congressional Democrats -- the pope was simply backing known and established canon law in the Catholic Church. These left-wing bigots are not so much attacking the pope as they are Church canon law. What they're statement is essentially saying is that Church canon law "offends the very nature of the American experiment." In other words CATHOLICISM ITSELF "offends the very nature of the American experiment." In short -- Catholicism is unAmerican!

So goes the legacy of modern Liberalism and the new Democratic Party. To the bigots on the Left, the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic -- meaning one who doesn't practice Catholicism. These bigots (in the United States Congress) have just unwittingly exposed their Anti-Catholic prejudice. In what they thought was a political statement against the pope, they essentially stated that they oppose Catholicism and believe the unchangeable laws of the Catholic religion "offend the very nature of the American experiment." They essentially exposed their bias that an American who truly practices Catholicism cannot be a true American. They exposed their belief that Catholicism is incompatible with America, and may even be a threat to America. This statement is telling indeed, and these US Congressmen have just (unwittingly) "outed" themselves as anti-Catholic bigots.

Oops! I guess they've been BUSTED!

If you happen to be a Catholic living in a congressional district represented by one of these congressmen, you may want to remember that during the next election.