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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Poland Defies EU - Sides With Growing Backlash Against Liberalism

Poland defies the European Union as 3,300 Strong World Congress of Families Closes

WARSAW, May 14, 2007 ( - Poland, the host country of the World Congress of Families IV held in Warsaw May 11-13, 2007, threw down the gauntlet in a frontal challenge to the European Union during the pro-family congress which attracted some 3,300 delegates from all over the world.

Poland's Minister of Education and Vice Prime Minister of Poland, Roman Giertych and the Speaker of Parliament (Sejm) of the Republic of Poland, Marek Jurek, proclaimed during the congress that Poland has no intention of agreeing to the demands of the European Union (EU) that it follow the regulations established in Brussels and the European Parliament to provide abortion, homosexual rights, same-sex marriage and other attacks on the traditional family demanded by the EU...

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