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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vatican Reverses Stance On Turkey - Signals Loss Of EU To Islam

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In a major reversal of policy, the Vatican has announced that it will support Turkey's bid for membership into the European Union (EU). This signals a major shift in the Holy See's perspective on the European continent, and a subtle admission that Europe has completely lost it's Judeo-Christian identity. In essence, the Vatican is giving a "green light" for Islamic nations to enter the EU, because much of the EU is already Muslim. As "The Catholic Knight" pointed out in previous stories on the topic, the creation of a secular religious vacuum (through relativism) on the European continent has resulted in a surge of conversions to Islam by European youths. That coupled with massive immigration of Muslims to western European countries, has given the continent a startling Islamic image. Today's announcement by the Holy See indicates that the battle is over, or the "beginning of the end," depending on how you look at at. Secular Relativism is a miserable failure in the European experiment. The result has merely been a shift from one religion to another - from Christianity to Islam. Now that Europe has completely lost its Christian identity, and is currently adopting an Islamic one, resistance to Muslim nations entering the EU has become unnecessary...

Rome, May. 30, 2007 ( - The Vatican's Secretary of State has signaled that the Holy See will support Turkey's bid for membership in the European Union.

Speaking to the Italian daily La Stampa, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said that "Turkey has come a long way" toward democracy and respect for human rights. The European community can accept the membership of an overwhelming Islamic society, he said, as long as "fundamental rules of cohabitation" are firmly in place...

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