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Thursday, May 24, 2007

$$$ Will Drive USA Into 'North American Union" - Like It Or Not!

The People's Republic of China, long lauded by America's enemies as the world's next economic power, will be the country that will force the creation of the `North American Union' (NAU).

Kofi Annan's former pointman, Canadian Maurice Strong, has been boasting from Chinese soil that China soon would be replacing America as economic king, using the jingo that's the official language at Turtle Bay.

The billions of dollars China has invested in the flagging American economy will be worthless. They will have to negotiate the exchange rate to the new amero. This will then force the creation of the North American Union.

The cloak of the NAU, fashioned in secrecy, will be thrown over an unsuspecting public, erasing the borders of three countries. Mexico, which already has legions of its citizens living and working inside America, is, in effect already inside the NAU. Their governments will inform the American and Canadian people that there is no option but the bread line.

Unfortunately, the plan, which has been in place for some time, now, has been all but ignored by the mainstream media.

One of the signs that the NAU is on its way is the collapse of the American greenback dollar paving the way for the debut of the 'amero'.

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The currency illustrated above is a joke, but this topic isn't. Like it or not, this is GOING to happen. The United States of America is slated to disappear as a sovereign nation within a matter of years. It's been planned out for decades, and the final pieces are about to be put into place. We can protest it all we like, but at best, the most we could accomplish would be to delay the inevitable. Once the American dollar tanks, the introduction of the "Amero" along with the "North American Union" (NAU) will economically force Americans, Mexicans and Canadians to surrender their sovereignty. Money will drive the collapse of the USA, and its coming very VERY soon. Everything from our national debt, to our welfare state, to our liberal social practices has brought this upon us. The United States of America has sown to the wind. Now we must prepare to reap the tornado! Perhaps within a decade, our country as we've always know it, will exist no more. What will remain in its place will be a provincial shell, subjected to the authority of a continental super-government.