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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Worldwide Backlash To Liberalism Begins

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It has begun! The battle ahead will be long and hard, but it's off to a good start. A worldwide backlash to secular Liberalism is underway. In Europe, the most liberal continent on earth, common people are starting to dissent to the fascist-style policies of their liberal secular governments. The battle begins in Rome, the epicenter of this emerging Christian renewal...

ROME, Italy, May 14, 2007 ( - Italians from across the country poured into Rome May 12 to join in a demonstration against a law that would give legal recognition to homosexual couples--reports showed up to 1.7 million people overflowed the St. John Lateran piazza. Organizers initially expected to draw about 100,000...

...While the pro-family demonstration was backed by the Vatican and Italy's Catholic bishops, it was organized by lay people independently of the Church. The "mind-blowing" success of the event is an outstanding example of the power held by ordinary citizens when sufficiently mobilized in support of traditional values, said Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, a priest in Rome who is the moderator of the Catholic Online Forum.

"The importance of this event is not merely that when left to their own devices the Italian people will support traditional values in great numbers, giving the lie to the script presented by the intellectuals in the press. It also means in concrete terms that the traditional values laity can organize and achieve results."

"The success of "Family Day" also highlights a now deeply entrenched trend not only in Italy, but in the West: the marginalization of the Church from the public square," Fr. Zuhlsdorf said. "Nearly everywhere the Church's is being denied its right to speak freely. Committed Catholic and other religious politicians and public figures and are pressured never to make reference to their religious convictions. The constant mantra is that religion should be a purely private matter than has no influence on public policy. Be religious, fine. But you may never act outwardly on your interior opinions."

Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi decided to attend the event when he saw an anti-Catholic cartoon about "Family Day" in the Communist Il Manifesto. Speaking out against those who claim to be Catholic while holding positions in opposition to Church teaching, Berlusconi said, "Left-wing Catholics are an insurmountable contradiction."

"You cannot be at the same time Catholics - and as such considerate of the doctrine of the Church and its teachings on various questions - and then stand with those who are cheek by jowl on the other side."

He went on, "In these recent times there is an attack on the freedom of the Church to express its own convictions. There comes to my mind what happened in the Communist countries, the Church of silence that could speak only within the ambit of its own buildings....

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