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Friday, June 8, 2007

Australian Government Thinks Practicing Catholicism Is Criminal

PERTH, Australia, June 7, 2007 ( - Archbishop Barry Hickey of Perth is under parliamentary investigation for a supposed "threat" against Catholic politicians who vote for embryonic stem cell research. A State Committee will examine remarks made by the pro-life archbishop that support Church teaching on embryonic stem cell research.

Archbishop Hickey told the West Australian newspaper, "Catholics who vote for the cloning of embryos destined for destruction are acting against the teaching of the Church on a very serious matter and they should in conscience not vote that way, but if they do in conscience they should not go to communion."

The archbishop did not say that he would excommunicate anyone. As the Brisbane Times reports, he said, "he would not refuse holy communion and excommunication would be a last resort."

Outraged by these words, Fred Riebeling, Speaker for the Western Australia Parliament, accused the archbishop of threatening politicians and stated that an official investigation would examine his remarks. Catholic World News reports that Archbishop Hickey denied the spurious "threat" charge, but firmly stated, "On this very vital area I couldn't be silent…I had to speak about conscience and I would call on Catholic politicians to examine their conscience before taking communion if they supported stem cell research."

read full story here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here we have a classic example of the Liberal mindset hard at work. In Australia they (Liberal politicians) think its a crime to be too Catholic. Archbishop Hickey was doing exactly what he should do, and in fact, he was faithfully following directives from the Vatican. He, like other bishops around the world, simply warned Catholic politicians that if they vote in favor of embryonic stem-cell research (which involves the killing of a human embryo), they risk loosing communion in the Catholic Church. But according to Liberal politicians in Australia, such talk is criminal! And the Archbishop will now be investigated.

I've got news for Left-wing Liberal politicians in Australia with fascists tendencies like this. Obeying the precepts of canon law is an essential part of the Roman Catholic religion. Canon Law dictates that any Catholic (including a politician) who knowingly aids and abets in the shedding of innocent blood (and this would include the killing of embryos in embryonic stem-cell research), is in mortal sin. Last time I checked, Canon Law also dictated that those in known mortal sin are not permitted to receive communion in the Catholic Church, and may be subject to formal excommunication. So the good archbishop was simply stating the laws of the Catholic Church. He was spelling out the teachings and precepts of the Catholic religion. And for this, Liberal politicians in the Australian government want to "investigate" him. Hmm. This smells of a Left-wing fascists inquisition to me. Anybody else think so?