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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Church Losing Culture War Because Bishops Fail to Discipline

( - Phil Lawler, the editor and founder of Catholic World News, the first online Catholic news service, has placed the chief blame for the loss of the battle to protect traditional marriage in Massachusetts, and beyond, on the Catholic hierarchy's failure to discipline Catholic politicians.

Lawler, a Boston area native, has had a more than twenty year career in politics and journalism and was the first lay editor of The Pilot, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston. His upcoming book called "The Faithful Departed" covers the collapse of Catholic influence in the Boston area.


Lawler first commented to on Thursday, the day the legislature failed to garner even the 50 votes needed to send the issue of homosexual 'marriage' to the citizens for a vote.

The vote was 151-45, despite the fact that a majority of the legislators identify themselves as Catholics.

Lawler said at the time, "It's clear that the archdiocese is not serious about this issue." He added, "There is no real penalty being exacted on people who are in support of same sex marriage."

Lawler explained, "People who are supporting traditional marriage, who supported the marriage amendment, were going to have to pay a pretty heavy price in terms of the wrath of the gay rights lobby, of Governor Patrick, of the editorial writers all around the state. But people who abandoned the cause, people who supported same sex marriage, and opposed this amendment were not going to face any real problems with the leadership of the Catholic Church."

He concluded, "And that's really in my mind the biggest reason for today's outcome." asked Lawler, former editor of Crisis and Catholic World Report magazines, to expand on those comments. He did so, saying, "The main message of my book is that the influence of the Catholic Church in Boston was declining rapidly long before the sex-abuse scandal. In fact, the scandal itself could be seen as evidence of a corruption that was already far advanced."...

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