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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Good Day On Capitol Hill

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one tells me we had a good day on Capitol Hill. The Bush-Kennedy "Amnesty" Bill was crushed in the Senate, after the Capitol switchboard was literally shut down from millions of callers telling their Senators to vote "no" on cloture that would have brought the bill back to life. The Amnesty Bill is dead!

Shortly after the staggering defeat of the Bush-Kennedy "Amnesty" Bill, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her plans to revive the Stalinist "unfairness doctrine" to shut down conservative talk-radio. This is so typical of liberals up on Capitol Hill, whether those liberals are riding a donkey or an elephant. Talk-radio was instrumental in helping the American people defeat the Amnesty Bill, and because that was inconvenient to the congressmen on Capitol Hill, they responded by announcing they want to begin censoring free speech. But if the donkey and elephant riding liberals in Washington DC thought the outcry over the Amnesty Bill was something, they haven't seen anything yet.

The backlash to the "unfairness doctrine" has already begun. No sooner than Speaker Pelosi made her announcement, the "Pence Amendment" passed by an overwhelming majority vote in the House of Representatives. This "Pence Amendment" withdraws funds from the FCC if it attempts to enforce the "unfairness doctrine." But it's only a temporary fix to hold things over until the "Freedom in Broadcasting Act" is passed. This legislation is being introduced to Congress now, and if passed, would ban the "unfairness doctrine" forever. This is something we need to tell our representatives to get behind now -- before the liberal donkey/elephant riders get their way and silence free speech on the airwaves in this country.

Yes, today was a good day on Capitol Hill. Both President Bush and Senator Kennedy were soundly defeated, as well they should have been. It's nice to see our American system of government working again. Now let's see if we can keep it going.