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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Liberals Move Toward Anti-Christian Hysteria

(The Christian Post): In recent months, an epidemic of anti-Christian books has erupted, viciously attacking the faithful as “theocrats” and “fascists.” Conservative Christians are called evangelical mullahs, intent on replacing the government with our own “religion-soaked political regimes,” as one overheated author put it.

Good gracious! Is America really about to fall into the hands of a diabolical Christian Taliban?

Of course not. It’s a false and malicious charge, and our critics know it. I know of not one Christian leader, theologian, or scholar who wants to impose a theocracy—that is, the church running the state—because the notion is entirely contrary to Christian faith.

At the heart of Christianity is the concept of free will. We can choose good and evil. Freedom is a God-given right. This is why right-thinking Christians oppose a system of government that would force citizens to accept faith in Christ, or any religion, as a condition of citizenship. And it’s why—secular hysterics not withstanding—there are no Christian theocracies anywhere in the world today. There are plenty of Islamic theocracies, but not one Christian theocracy....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The political and social movements of tomorrow are usually defined by the popular books and literature of today. What we're seeing now is a strong literary push to demonize conservative Christians (practicing Catholics & Evangelicals in particular), as crazed zealots bent on imposing our religion by force upon everyone else. Nothing could be further from the truth of course, but this is classic of the mental illness called Liberalism. There is a religious force out there that wants to establish a theocracy, but that religion is called 'Islam' not Christianity. One of the classic symptoms of a Leftist psychosis is to completely ignore the real threat, and then transfer the attributes of that threat toward somebody else completely unrelated. Quite often Liberals identify as the threat the only people who are capable of protecting them from the threat. Such is the case with Leftist Liberals and they're paranoid hysteria over conservative Christians (practicing Catholics and Evangelicals). When it comes to Liberal "Christophobia" we can truly say that it is just their irrational fear and ignorance talking. But for all their hyperventilation over conservative Christianity, Liberals are complacent (and somewhat oblivious) to the real threat that is making inroads right underneath their noses. In the not too distant future, Liberals in Europe will soon feel the weighty hand of Islamic rule, as Muslims become the dominant population in European countries. Perhaps too late, Liberals in Europe will discover that the only institution that could have saved them was Christianity -- the very institution they attacked and demonized for half a century. As for American Liberals, they're not likely to learn from their European counterparts when the time comes. That's because those with mental disorders are usually incapable of learning from other people with the same mental disorder. In other words, crazy people don't learn from each other. They just get more crazy. I expect the trend in America will mirror European trends, but perhaps at a slower rate. Liberals will continue to slander and demonize conservative Christians (practicing Catholics and Evangelicals), accusing us of wanting to establish a theocracy even though that is completely untrue. Meanwhile, these same Liberals will argue for greater 'tolerance' of Muslim immigrants to the United States, and greater 'understanding' of American Muslims who want to live under Islamic law. These immigrants, and their children, will eventually set up enclaves ruled by Islamic law (just as they have already done in Europe). Of course, the next step after that is to impose the rules of those enclaves upon the entire society as soon as Muslims become the demographic majority. We haven't seen this happen yet in Europe, but it is soon coming, perhaps within 20 years or so. Liberals in America will learn nothing from this (as is consistent with mentally disordered people), and will instead be bound and determined to repeat the same Christophobic actions that are driving Europe to Islam.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and each time expecting a different result. This defines Leftist Liberalism perfectly. The Christophobic hysteria of European Liberals has driven that entire continent into a Secular crisis, in which Secular governments are now threatened by Islamic takeover within a generation. American Liberals have learned absolutely nothing from their European counterparts, and truly believe that the same Christophobic hysteria here in North America will produce an entirely different result than what is happening in Europe.

So what's the lesson for conservative Christians (practicing Catholics and Evangelicals) in America? Simple. Keep practicing your faith! Furthermore, make sure your kids get a good religious foundation, and try to have as many of them as you can. Liberals cannot be cured of their insanity. (Only an extraordinary miracle from God can change a Liberal.) But the positive side to all of this is that Liberals generally don't reproduce. Their birthrate is the lowest in the world, sometimes in the negative. The only hope they have of spreading their influence is by recruiting (your children) to become their disciples and work for them. So the antidote to Liberalism is simply practicing your faith, having lots of children, and teaching them to do the same. Yes, it really is that simple.