Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Militant Gays Threaten Violence to Catholics

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In a sure sign of things to come, a militant homosexual has threatened (yet again) to kill the head of the Italian Bishop's Conference simply for being too Catholic. As 'The Catholic Knight' has pointed out on many occasions, in the minds of modernist liberals (and this is especially true for militant homosexuals) the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic -- meaning one who doesn't practice Catholicism. As for those who do practice Catholicism, the intentions of modernist liberals (especially militant homosexuals) toward us, is soon to grow darker -- perhaps "sinister" might be a better term...
GENOA, June 12, 2007 ( – Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, the leader of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, has now received his second death threat–3 bullets this time—from an anonymous militant homosexual activist enraged at the Catholic Church’s campaign to defeat civil union legislation in Italy.

The package arrived Saturday at the Genoese Archdiocese. The first mailed threat had contained just one bullet.

Police, however, told the Associated Press that they did not believe the danger to the Archbishop’s life had escalated. Parishioners, on the other hand, observed Bagnasco accompanied by four bodyguards near the altar at the Cathedral on Sunday. Bagnasco previously was guarded by just two....

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