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Friday, June 22, 2007

Missouri Archbishop Makes History

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: On June 15, 2007, Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke (Saint Louis, MO.) made history when he celebrated an ordination mass not seen in the United States in some 37 years. Two men were ordained as priests in the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest - a religious order that celebrates the western liturgy according to the Tridentine mass exclusively. The ordination itself was celebrated according to the ancient Tridentine liturgy at the basilica in downtown St. Louis, which is what makes the event historic. An ordination according the the ancient Latin liturgy has not taken place in America since 1970. Significantly, this event marks a turning point in the history of the American Church, and Archbishop Burke has paved the way for things to come. Ordinations such as these will become more commonplace after the pope's motu proprio, liberalizing the Tridentine mass, is promulgated.

Archbishop Burke has been known to be a trend setter when it comes to faithful Catholicism. His strict adherence to the pope's decisions has put him at odds with his fellow bishops here in the United States, and cafeteria Catholics in general. He has been vilified and crucified by the liberal press here in Missouri. Sadly, such difficulties are a sign of the times. The actions of Archbishop Burke would have been expected of any bishop prior to 1970. The contemporary hysteria to his faithful Catholicism is in itself an indictment of a wicked and perverse generation.