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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Proof Mainstream News Media is Biased

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: At the risk of pointing out the obvious, I'll go ahead and post this story. Most Americans already know the mainstream news media is biased in favor of left-wing Liberalism. That's one reason why the ratings for mainstream network news has plummeted in recent years. I've said it before many times on this blog. If you get your news from television or the newspapers, chances are you're getting Leftist propaganda shoved into your brain on a regular basis. Chances are, you are also one of the most ill-informed people in the world. Canadians, Europeans and even a lot of Mexicans probably have a better idea of what is going on in the world than you do. It's not your fault of course. It's the fault of the garbage news you're watching and reading. The only way to get REAL news these days is to do some work. You'll have to daily scan internet news sites like and just to scrape the tip of the iceberg. Then you'll have to do your own investigation into foreign news sources, and small independent news journals across the world. Finally, you'll probably have to listen to a smattering of AM talk radio to find out what the driving issues of the day are. A variety of conservative and libertarian opinions can be found on AM talk radio, and it's all biased in the opposite direction as the mainstream news media, but at least AM talk radio admits its bias and doesn't attempt to hide it...
NEW YORK, June 22, 2007 ( - Many mainstream journalists claim they are "unbiased" in their reporting, but a new report by MSNBC shows their checkbooks don't make such distinctions and heavily favor liberal candidates and causes.

The MSNBC report by investigative journalist Bill Dedman reveals that out of 144 journalists, 125 gave money to support liberal Democratic candidates and liberal political organizations. The information came from public records kept by the Federal Election Commission tallying donations made from the 2004 campaign season to the start of the 2008 season.

Dedman's investigation covered journalists from local outlets, magazines, and a few from major media sources like CNN, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, etc., exposing the great lengths to which the media has gone to cover-up its own biases...

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