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Monday, July 2, 2007

A Common Date For Easter - Pope & Patriarch May Agree

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Believe it or not, this is a really big deal, and it has historic ramifications....
(New Europe): Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Benedict XVI responded positively on the issue raised in the European Parliament of finding common dates for celebrating Easter, a question raised by Greek MEP Manolis Mavrommatis.

Mavrommatis, in a Feb. 8, 2006 letter, requested a solution on the issue. “The spring holiday of the European Parliament coincides, traditionally, with the Catholic Easter. With that logic and for the benefit of all those affected, the same should be the case for the celebration of the Orthodox Easter. Of course we will have to take into account that some times, the two celebrations coincide, date-wise.”

As the situation is now, as Mavrommatis emphasised in his letter, people coming from Greece and Cyprus, but also many coming from Bulgaria, Romania and some of the new Member States from central-eastern Europe, do not have the opportunity to be with their families during this time of Orthodox Christianity.

In a letter addressed to Patriarch Bartholomew, and with the opportunity of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Patriarch, this issue was discussed among the two leaders of Christianity....

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