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Sunday, January 22, 2012

NEWS FLASH: Most of Catholic Sex-Abuse Scandal Is Media Hype

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Just a little news flash for you folks out there in the blogisphere. In the wake of the Los Angeles diocese settlement over sex-abuse allegations, here are some little factoids you won't see in the anti-Catholic mainstream news media...
1. Reports of sexual-abuse in the Catholic Church are now at the lowest levels they've ever been since the 1950s...

2. The election of Pope John Paul II, followed by Pope Benedict XVI, appears to have contributed to a decreasing number in sexual-abuse cases...

3. Of all priests accused of sexual misconduct, the overwhelming vast majority of them are no longer in ministry...

4. Sex-abuse in the Catholic Church was often the result of Catholic churches failing to practice Catholicism... read the story here

5. 96% of all Catholic clergy in the United States had nothing to do with the scandal and were never accused of any sexual misconduct... read the story here

6. The sex-abuse scandal in the Catholic Church was overwhelmingly the result of homosexuality not pedophilia... read the story here

7. Since the scandal broke in 2002, homosexuals have been barred from the seminaries entirely, and can no longer become priests, even if they promise to remain celibate... read the story here

8. Sexual abuse of minors is actually higher in Protestant churches than it is in the Catholic Church... read the story here

9. Since the 2002 sex-abuse scandal broke, the US Catholic Church has set a new national standard for institutional reform, and has led the way on strategies of protecting children from sexual predators. Today, other public service industries look to the US Catholic Church for leadership in this area.... read the story here

10. A child is nearly 100 times more likely to be molested in a Public School than in a Catholic or Protestant church... read the story here