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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI: Hated By Liberals, Feminists and Homosexuals

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: ...And that gives him "two thumbs up" in my book. The funny thing about all this is how personal the pope's enemies try to make it. They direct their frustration at him personally, as if he's the problem they're struggling against. Pope Benedict is not the problem for liberals, feminists and homosexuals. The papacy itself is the problem for these people. The fact is, they didn't like Pope John Paul II either. Oh sure, they claim they liked him better now, but I remember things. I remember how many of these same people eagerly awaited the death of John Paul II with baited breath, thinking he was too old fashioned and obsolete. They hoped a new pope would give them more of what they wanted. Such foolish expectations only go to illustrate just how ignorant of Catholicism these people are. It doesn't work that way in the Catholic Church. It's not a case of "dial a pope = dial a doctrine." The teachings of the Roman Catholic Church don't change with the changing of popes. I've got a news-flash for these people, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI were of the same mind on all of these things. They both believed in the same doctrines, the same disciplines, and the same rules. The only thing they differed on was approach and personal style. News-flash: Pope John Paul II liked the old Latin mass and encouraged "wide and generous" use of it in his own motu proprio (Ecclesia Dei). News-flash: Pope John Paul II authorized a CDF document (Dominus Iesus) that asserted the centrality of the Catholic Church's role in the economy of salvation, and simultaneously marked other non-Catholic churches as "deficient." News-flash: What Pope Benedict XVI has done over these last two years is not much different than what Pope John Paul II did during his pontificate. Here's a great big whopping news-flash for all you liberals out there. The problem you have with Pope Benedict XVI doesn't have anything to do with Pope Benedict XVI at all. The problem you have is with the Roman Catholic Church, and if you have that big of a problem with it, maybe its not the right Church for you. On many occasions I have pointed out to Catholics, of the liberal persuasion, that any expectation they might have of the Church bending to accommodate their liberal desires is unrealistic. The Catholic Church will always preach against homosexuality, abortion and artificial contraception. The Catholic Church will always emphasize a leadership role for husbands in the home, and will never allow women into the priesthood. The Catholic Church is never going to endorse socialism, big government or high taxation. Sorry, it didn't happen before Vatican II, and it didn't happen after Vatican II. It didn't happen with Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul I, or Pope John Paul II. Guess what? It's not going to happen with Pope Benedict XVI either, nor will it happen with any future pontiff. Hope against hope if you like, but you're only setting yourself up for disappointment. The Catholic Church hasn't compromised on these things in 2,000 years. So there's no reason to believe it's going to change and start compromising now. When will liberal Catholics learn they can't win? When will they finally concede that liberalism and Catholicism are two completely irreconcilable ideologies? There are only two options for liberals you see. They can either change their thinking and conform to the message of the gospel as it's taught by the Catholic Church, or if they can't change, than the only option left is to look elsewhere for another church that will accommodate their liberal ideology. On many occasions, I have suggested the Episcopal Church USA as one possible place liberal Catholics can get the "smells and bells" of Catholicism, without having to worry about all the moral teachings they dislike.

Check out this liberal rant...
A church's assertive shift toward tradition
Pope Benedict XVI consolidates sweeping changes, reasserting the spiritual supremacy of the Vatican.

By Robert Marquand

(The Christian Science Monitor): Rome and Paris - The leader of 1.1 billion Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI, is completing a significant theological shift of the Roman Catholic church – a sweeping change that not only eclipses 40 years of a more moderate and collegial Catholicism, but seeks to reassert the spiritual supremacy of the Vatican and more openly proclaim the authority of the office of pope among all Christians.

Some two years after taking the reins, say Protestant and Catholic theologians and religious experts, the Bavarian-born pope is moving swiftly to affirm orthodox doctrines and medieval church rituals that undermine the spirit of Vatican II, a period of modernization in which the church appeared to be rethinking its centuries-long insistence that it had exclusive claims to matters of grace, truth, salvation, and church structure in the Christian world.

Liberal Catholics go so far as to characterize Benedict as leading a counterreformation in the church – in which fervent backers of traditional Catholic identity and faith are favored, even at the expense of popularity. "While Vatican II said that the Holy Spirit was in operation among the people, now we are saying, no, the holy spirit is operating in the bishops. It is an enormous change." says Frank Flinn, author of the "Encyclopedia of Catholicism." The "impression [previous Pope] John Paul II gave was to emphasize teaching so that all may be one. But Benedict is turning around and saying to churches, 'you aren't all one.' It is destroying the ecumenical movement."

When the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became pope on April 8, 2005, many Catholics felt he might soften his reputation as a hard-line "enforcer of the faith." Yet his tenure has shown few signs of mellowing. In the space of three days this month, for example, he promoted the old Latin Mass, which contains references to the conversion of the Jews, then issued a blockbuster doctrinal clarification statement saying that Orthodox and Protestant churches were "lacking" and only authentic through their relationship with Rome.

"Benedict has fought for the same thing for 30 years and now he is putting it to work," says Frederic Lenoir, editor of Le Monde's religious supplement in Paris. "His main aim in being pope is to unify the true believer groups – and he will lose members or destroy religious dialogues, if that's what it takes." ...

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