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Monday, July 9, 2007

SSPX Heads Toward Irrelevancy

( - A spokesman for the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X in central and eastern Europe has welcomed the papal motu proprio allowing wider use of the Tridentine Mass, but said that the move is not enough to resolve problems between the Vatican and the Lefebvrite group.

"The Pope's motu proprio is a step in the right direction," said Father Karl Stehlin. Speaking to the Polish newspaper Rzeczspospolita, he observed that the SSPX that been "faithful to this Mass for the last 40 years, even though many priests and laity were persecuted for it."

However, Father Stehlin noted, the traditionalist group is not yet ready to return to full communion with the Holy See. The papal document strongly affirmed the use of the Novus Ordo Mass, and the SSPX priest observed: "The post-conciliar rite of the Mass in unacceptable."...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Always the optimist, Pope Benedict XVI hopes the recently released motu proprio would help to restore unity with the schismatic "Society of Saint Pius X" (SSPX). However, it should be noted that this particular ideal was not his reason for expanding usage of the Extraordinary form of the mass. The pope's goal was to strengthen the Catholic Church, not the SSPX.

What the leaders of the SSPX fail to realize at this particular moment is that a decisive move has been made by the pope. First and foremost, the SSPX won their long standing dispute with Rome over usage of the Classical Latin form of the mass. Hurry for them! They should revel in this victory now while they can, because the effects from it will soon change everything.

Fidelity to the rubrics of the old Latin mass has been the SSPX's singular most effective claim on traditional Catholics. With some very small exceptions, in various cities throughout the western world, the SSPX has had a virtual monopoly on this. Their parishes have been the strongest, and seen the most growth, in the diocese of those bishops who forbid the traditional form of the mass. Last Saturday, Pope Benedict XVI effectively took that monopoly away from the SSPX. Summorum Pontificum takes the wind out of the sails of all schismatic traditionalists like the SSPX. They no longer have a monopoly on the mass that has propelled their success up to this point.

The influence of the SSPX, and other schismatic traditionalists, will henceforth begin to fade. It would be in their best interest to show some sign of good faith to the pope now that he's issued Summorum Pontificum. Traditionalist groups, like the SSPX in particular, make some good arguments for their views, and they are ideas which could be used to help theologians in the Vatican understand things from a different perspective. I suspect more victories lie ahead for the SSPX if only it will make some small concessions that don't compromise it's basic principles, and move toward talks of reunification with Rome. This is not the time for digging in one's heels. Without the SSPX's virtual monopoly on the Traditional Latin mass, it's role and significance is sure to fade in coming years. Within the canonical structures of the Church, the SSPX can still effect reform and change. Outside of the Church, the SSPX is now destined to isolate itself and ultimately fade away - thanks to the Summorum Pontificum. So the best thing the SSPX can do for itself now is open its ears and listen to what Rome is saying.